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Environmental Procedures Manual

The Environmental Procedures Manual will provide project teams with adequate information that allow projects to be developed in compliance with applicable federal and state environmental laws. Adherence to the procedures in this manual will assist in developing uniform, complete and quality environmental documents.


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The Office has developed a Quiz to test your knowledge of the Environmental Procedures Manual.  Successful completion of this Quiz will satisfy the Environmental Procedures Manual prequalification training requirement.
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Environmental Resource Impact Table

Environmental Services has revised the Environmental Resource Impact Table (ERIT) format. The new table can be found in the Document Template's Library. The old ERIT, titled "All_Old Environmental Resources Impact Table", will be available during the implementation period through June 2014.

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Welcome Letter | Complete:  Environmental Procedures Manual Revised: 7/19/10

Chapters Title Revision Date
I Introduction 2/23/10
II Early Activities 5/28/10
III NEPA Documents 4/21/10
IV Public Involvement 4/28/10
V.1 Environmental Studies: Overview 2/18/10
V.2 Environmental Studies: Social Environment 2/18/10
V.3 Environmental Studies: Cultural Resources 4/28/10
V.4 Environmental Studies: Ecological Resources 6/15/10
V.5 Environmental Studies: Additional Natural Resources 4/28/10
V.6 Environmental Studies: Physical Environment 3/20/12
V.7 Environmental Studies: Indirect and Cumulative Effects (ICI) 4/28/10
VI Section 4(F) 5/28/10
VII Environmental Re-Evaluations 5/28/10
VIII Commitments Table 5/28/10
IX Environmental Certifications 2/18/10
X GEPA 5/28/10
XI Local Government Responsibilities 5/28/10

Document Templates

Many document templates referenced in the Environmental Procedures Manual can be found in the Environmental Procedures Document Template Library.

NOTE: Updates to the Environmental Procedures Manual and Document Template Library are underway. Links to the document templates referenced within the NEPA chapters of the EPM may be temporarily broken. Templates listed in the “NEPA Library” within the Document Template Library have been reorganized for easier access. All necessary templates are available through the Document Template Library. If you have any trouble with these templates, please contact Sam Pugh.


Please contact Gail D'Avino to submit questions or comments specific to the Environmental Procedures Manual.