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The Office has developed a Quiz to test your knowledge of the Environmental Procedures Manual.  Successful completion of this Quiz will satisfy the Environmental Procedures Manual prequalification training requirement. 
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 Environmental Resource Impact Table


Environmental Services has revised the Environmental Resource Impact Table (ERIT) format. The new table can be found in the Document Template's Library. The old ERIT, titled "All_Old Environmental Resources Impact Table", will be available during the implementation period through June 2014.

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2015 Environmental Plan Lockdown Schedule




The Environmental Procedures Manual will provide project teams with adequate information that allow projects to be developed in compliance with applicable federal and state environmental laws. Adherence to the procedures in this manual will assist in developing uniform, complete and quality environmental documents.


Document Templates

The GDOT environmental staff have developed templates for reports and documents. These templates are meant to provide an outline for the required report or document, they must also be tailored to fit the specific project. The language included in these templates must be reviewed closely to determine the applicability to the project.

Browse by the categories in the drop down list to narrow the search for a specific template. Many of the templates and documents are linked directly within the manual; however, there are additional resources provided here that are not necessarily directly referenced within the manual.


NOTE: If you are using Word 2007, a pop-up box requesting a username and password may appear after you attempt to open a Word-based template. Click cancel to continue opening the template.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office (or an Office document reader ) to view the files. Many of the Word files are locked and contain form fields to fill out applicable information; should you need to unlock the templates, follow these instructions for Word 2003 or Word 2007. Most of the templates are not password protected. Many of the templates also contain instructions, examples, or useful information in hidden text. Some of the newer templates are in Word 2007 format; if you are using an older version of Word, you will need to download a compatibility pack to open these files.



Please contact Gail D'Avino to submit questions or comments specific to the Environmental Procedures Manual.