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Freight & Logistics Plan

A comprehensive, statewide freight and logistics plan was developed for Georgia. The GDOT plan, developed by a partnership of public and private forces, provides vital strategic direction for future investment in transportation infrastructure that serves Georgia’s freight and logistics industries. 




Executive Summary

The Georgia Statewide Freight & Logistics Action Plan represents the next step in the progression of freight interest and activity. View Action Plan

Final Full Report

The plan development process was organized into the following five tasks:

Task 1:  
​Plan Development and Stakeholder Outreach Plan
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​Task 2: Making the Business Case for Freight & Logistics
​Task 3: ​Strategic Freight & Logistics Framework
​Task 4: Economic Evaluation and Scenario Projection
​Task 5: Recommendations & Project Evaluation


What is the Freight & Logistics Plan?
What does the Freight & Logistics Plan include?
Are truck weight limits addressed in the plan?
How will recommendations be funded?
You should I contact for additional information about the Freight & Logistics Plan?


Board Planning and Intermodal Committee Presentation - Stakeholder InvolvementThis presentation to the GDOT Board for the joint Intermodal/Statewide Transportation Plan/Strategic Planning Committee summarizes Georgia’s key freight features and describes the project types analyzed for the Freight & Logistics Action Plan.
Making the Business Case for FreightPresentation - Making the Business Case for FreightThis presentation makes a broad case about the historical contributions of freight transportation to the long-term development of the State and the importance of freight to the competitiveness of the Georgia economy. 8/20/2010
Modal Profiles MeetingsPresentation - Modal ProfilesThis presentation summarizes the truck, rail, marine and air modal profiles developed to assemble key sources of available data for each mode. The profiles provide a set of issues and needs for each mode. 8/20/2011
Plan Development Committee Meeting SummaryPresentation - Economic Evaluation & ProjectionThis presentation summarizes growth trajectories Georgia may take through 2050, underlining the importance of freight infrastructure as a key foundation for the State’s future development and describing industry profiles on strategic industries. 6/20/2011
May 2011NewsletterThe Georgia Freight & Logistics Private Sector Advisory (PSAC) convenes for the first time and Governor Deal meets with the GDOT Freight Planning Team. 5/1/2011
November 2010NewsletterMaking the business case for freight and logistics investment 11/1/2010
April 2010NewsletterNew Statewide Freight & Logistics Plan moving forward



Georgia DOT is firmly committed to stakeholder outreach to support the Georgia Statewide Freight and Logistics Plan, and is working in close coordination with the Governor’s Office, Center of Innovation for Logistics, and others to ensure the Plan reflects a variety of different perspectives and statewide needs.



A Stakeholder Outreach Strategy was developed to ensure that effective involvement is achieved.  It is an approach that targets government agencies as well as private freight and logistics interests, while remaining transparent to the interested citizens from the general public. The Plan Development Advisory Committee has been formed to oversee Georgia Statewide Freight and Logistics Plan. 






Freight and logistics is a critical component in Georgia’s economy and transportation network, The Freight & Logistics Plan is linked to prior major planning and state transportation initiatives such as: Statewide Strategic Transportation Plan

It will be very important for infrastructure and transportation planning. The Plan is also unique in that it will serve as an economic development tool that can be used to market Georgia, retain and support existing businesses, attract and grow jobs, and promote investment to the State.   "A strategic approach is needed to guide thoughtful, well-planned transportation investments to accommodate freight growth and logistics needs statewide.”

- Georgia DOT Director of Planning

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