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Governor’s Road Improvement Program (GRIP)


The Governor’s Road Improvement Program (GRIP) is a system of economic development highways that, when complete, will connect 95 percent of Georgia cities with populations of 2,500 or more to the Interstate Highway System. It will also place 98 percent of Georgia’s population within 20 miles of a four-lane road.  This program was originally adopted by the Georgia General Assembly in 1989. 


GRIP Corridors

GRIP includes 19 corridors (economic development highways) and three truck access routes for a total of 3,273 miles of roadway.


Project Development

GRIP involves three phases of project development:

  1. Engineering (including design, planning and environmental studies)
  2. Right-of-Way acquisition
  3. Construction

Improving Safety

There’s a significant decrease in accidents when multi-lane divided highways replace two-lane highways. GRIP provides effective and efficient transportation statewide, it is especially beneficial for rural areas where it not only provides greater connectivity, but also safer travel.