Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Will FDCS be retired? If so, when?

 Yes, FDCS will be retired on December 31st, 2016.

2.    Can I still enter data into FDCS?

​Yes, but only until December 31st, 2016. After December 31st, 2016, FDCS will no longer be available.

3.    Can I still retrieve data I previously uploaded into FDCS?

Yes, GDOT will have reports available which will allow you to access data from both FDCS and SiteManager. After December 31, 2016, all data  entry and upload of test results will need to be entered using SiteManager.

4.    How do I submit test data to GDOT after December 31, 2016? 

All vendors will use SiteManager to submit test data to GDOT. SiteManager is available now – so do not delay!


5.    How can I access previously uploaded FDCS data if my project has data in both FDCS and SiteManager?​

Reports will be made available so that you can access data previously entered using FDCS and also SiteManager.


6.    Who do I contact if I have a problem using SiteManager?

You may obtain technical support and assistance by contacting the GDOT Solutions Center via email at or by       calling 404-631-1220.

7.    How do I get access to SiteManager? 

 If you are a contractor you will need to get a user account set up. In order to do this, please go to                                β€‹ and submit your request.  

To complete your access request properly:

a. Select your organization from the Organization search.  If your organization does not exist, pick the Organization as  'Not Listed' and put your company with your position, i.e. 'Technician - ABC Company'
b. The POC should be:
       i.  For Pit & Quarry use  'Charles R. Coston' - type in 'Charles' to narrow the list down
      i.i. For Asphalt use 'Al Casteel' -  type in 'Al' to narrow the list down
       iii. Etc.
c. Do not check off 'Do you require GDOT email?'
d. Under 'Application Access' select  'AASHTOWare Project SiteManager', and enter a reason for the need for access. For example:
 i.  Suggestion for Pit & Quarry '640 641 process to enter Shipment and Test data'
 i.i. Suggestion for Asphalt '159P and 150 test data'

8.    Is training on the new GDOT system available? 

Yes, training information and opportunities may be found at GDOT has posted computer based "train at your own pace" training, and GDOT is also offering instructor led classroom training. Please click on the following link to browse available classes and register for classes: