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Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management is a program that allows limited vegetation removal on state right of way to create a Sign Viewing Zone around permitted outdoor advertising signs. 




Revised Application

February 10, 2015

‚ÄčAll applications submitted on or after February 10, 2015 must use the revised version dated February 4, 2015. The new version includes updates regarding sedimentation and erosion control. It also includes a checklist to assist customers in filing a complete application.

Permits may be issued for limited vegetation management.   An Outdoor Advertising permit is required to apply for a vegetation management permit. This applies to outdoor advertising signs legally permitted by Georgia DOT as conforming or non-conforming for a minimum of 5 years or erected on or before December 2010.

‚ÄčThe contributory value fees paid by outdoor advertising companies to the Department for vegetation removal at outdoor advertising signs are used for the GATEway Grant Program.  These grants are used for landscape plant material and its installation for roadside enhancement and beautification projects along state routes.


Vegetation Management at Outdoor Advertising Policy  6170-1

State Law

Georgia General Assembly's declared policy for the issuance and annual renewal of permits for the trimming and removal of trees and other vegetation on the state rights-of-way within viewing zones of legally erected and maintained Outdoor Advertising Signs.

The Georgia Administrative Procedure Act (APA) O.C.G.A. 50-13-1 and 50-13-23 provides the procedural framework for the administrative hearing process.



Please complete the Permit Application to apply for a permit. The entire package, including attachments must be completed before you can submit your application. A permit is required for each Sign Viewing Zone requested. Submit an application for each sign face direction. Each side is considered a separate Sign Viewing Zone.      



Annual Work Plan

Annual Work Plan

Permit & Application Fees

Outdoor Advertising Permit Fees

Application Guidelines

Permit Guidelines


Removal Credit Voucher Program

The Credit Voucher Program covers the removal of lapsed and nonconforming outdoor advertising signs. Please check back for updates and forthcoming Lapsed Sign list.

Program Documents
Credit Voucher Application & Instructions
Sign Removal Completion Report 



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