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Access Management

Driveway & Special Encroachment Permits

Access Management involves providing (or managing) access to land development while simultaneously preserving the flow of traffic on the surrounding road system in terms of safety, capacity, and speed. Access Management applies to all types of roads and streets. It calls for setting access policies for various types of roadway, keying designs to these policies, having the access policies incorporated into legislation, and having the legislation upheld in the courts.

Access Management views the highway and its surrounding activities as part of a single system. Access Management extends traffic engineering principles to the location, design, and operation of access roads that serve activities along streets and highways. Access Management addresses the basic questions of when, where, and how access should be provided or denied, and what legal or institutional changes are needed to enforce these decisions. In a broad context, access management is resource management, since it is a way to anticipate and prevent congestion and to improve traffic flow.


State Access Management Supervisor
(404) 635-2841

Access Management Engineer
(404) 635-2899

 District ACCESS Management Supervisor  Phone 
D1 (Gainesville) Steve Kelly (770) 531-5797 
D2 (Tennille) Todd Price  (478) 552-4621 
D3 (Thomaston) Dan Woods  (706) 646-6674 
D4 (Tifton) Gary Hampton  (229) 386-3011 
D5 (Jesup) Cynthia Phillips  (912) 427-5767 
D6 (Cartersville) Carla Rutledge  (770) 387-3635 
D7 (Chamblee) Katie Mullins  (770) 986-1768