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Asphalt & Fuel Index

Asphalt Cement Price Index  

Payments under Section 109 "Monthly Asphalt Cement Price" on eligible projects will be made using the Georgia Base Asphalt Price.

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YearMonthEnglishMetricLet Date
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2011August$582 /Ton$642 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2011July$605 /Ton$667 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2011July$604 /Ton$666 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2011June$614 /Ton$677 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2011June$607 /Ton$669 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2011May$604 /Ton$666 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2011May$573 /Ton$632 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2011April$530 /Ton$584 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2011April$517 /Ton$570 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2011March$500 /Ton$551 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2011March$481 /Ton$530 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2011February$480 /Ton$529 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2011February$461 /Ton$508 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2011January$460 /Ton$507 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2011January$446 /Ton$492 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2010December$456 /Ton$503 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2010December$445 /Ton$491 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2010November$449 /Ton$494 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2010November$442 /Ton$487 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2010October$450 /Ton$496 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2010October$450 /Ton$496 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2010September$453 /Ton$499 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2010September$455 /Ton$502 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2010August$458 /Ton$505 /MGAfter Sept 2009
2010August$464 /Ton$511 /MGPrior to Sept 2009
2010July$478 /Ton$505 /MGAfter Sept 2009

Fuel Price Index (Georgia Average Price)

The Fuel Adjustment Index (Georgia Average Prices) is posted in accordance with Special Provision 109 - Measurement and Payment. Average prices can be found at http://www.fuelgaugereport.comThis link will direct you to a non-GDOT website.
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2020August$1.998 /Gal$2.487 /Gal
2020July$1.991 /Gal$2.495 /Gal
2020June$1.760 /Gal$2.479 /Gal
2020May$1.622 /Gal$2.519 /Gal
2020April$1.816 /Gal$2.623 /Gal
2020March$2.259 /Gal$2.821 /Gal
2020February$2.322 /Gal$2.907 /Gal
2020January$2.443 /Gal$2.945 /Gal
2019December$2.444 /Gal$2.915 /Gal
2019November$2.432 /Gal$2.927 /Gal
2019October$2.536 /Gal$2.952 /Gal
2019September$2.399 /Gal$2.890 /Gal
2019August$2.719 /Gal$2.987 /Gal