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Georgia DOT adopted Board Rule 672-18 - Rules and Regulations Governing the Design-Build Procedures.  The current Design-Build Rules are effective as of October 16, 2013.  

Bridge Bundles​​​​​​

Introducing Design-Build Bridge Bundles

Georgia DOT implemented a new and innovative method called Bridge Bundles, to accelerate the replacement of twenty-five local bridges valued at over $39.6 million. This method used five design-build (DB) contracts that each group four to six bridge replacements geographically, which allows the contractor to efficiently streamline delivery by combining design and construction activities for the bridges in their bundled contract. This concept is especially suitable in rural areas.

Georgia DOT’s first obligation with funds resulting from the HB-170— Transportation Funding Act of 2015 (TFA)—is to maintain and improve existing infrastructure, which includes bridges. The TFA allows the Department to enhance the local transportation network through these projects.

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