The guidebooks to be included here are for Ecologists. They ensure that projects comply with laws and regulations relating to wildlife and water resources. The Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act are the primary basis for these procedures. 

NOTE: Please be aware that some guidebooks are in development. As each guidebook is completed, it will be posted on this site. If a guidebook for your topic is not available, please visit the Archive Section.

 Guidebooks in Development

  • Design-build Procedures
  • Process in PDP
  • Scoping
  • Project Coordination
  • Agency Coordination
  • Field Surveys
  • Field Survey Methods
  • Post-Survey Data Processing
  • Plan Review for Ecology Resources
  • Measuring and Reporting Ecology Impacts
  • Document Preparation
  • Natural Resource Permitting
  • Coordination with Other States
  • Protected Species Methodologies
  • Endangered Species Act
  • Special Provisions
  • Joint Coordination Procedures
  • Construction Phase