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Construction Contractors

Construction Contractors Prequalified Directory

Anyone seeking to bid on and/or perform work on Georgia DOT projects must be prequalified or registered with the Department.  Currently, the Department has two forms of qualifications: Prequalified Contractor and Registered Subcontractor.

New Vendor Codes

The format for assigning vendor codes to contractors, counties, cities, individuals etc. who are applying for prequalification and/or registration with the GDOT has changed. The new numbers are automatically generated by the database and will consist of 5 numbers and no letters – e.g. 11666 and will be sequential.

Forms Revised

When a contractor’s qualification is approved, a Certificate of Qualification will be issued and is generally valid for two (2) years.  In addition, GDOT can grant up to a 90-day extension, if requested for the preparation of a new qualification certificate. All applications must be received not less than ten (10) days before the Let Date.  A new application must be submitted for renewal of applications.

The Prequalification Unit will not notify contractors by mail or otherwise prior to the expiration date of their Certificate of Qualification nor will it notify Contractors by mail or otherwise of the need to renew their Certificate of Qualification.

NOTE: Contractors must renew their certificates every two years, or earlier. Failure to renew before the current certificate expires will place the contractor in an expired status and, therefore, ineligible to bid.

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How to Submit Completed Forms

Forms may be completed online, printed and mailed to:

Georgia Department of Transportation
Construction Bidding, 11th Floor
One Georgia Center
600 W. Peachtree Street, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Questions or comments call (404) 631-1147