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Consultants interested in providing services to the Georgia DOT can review the following information.



       Program Info

      Program Documents
      Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide (AASHTO) 2016 Edition: Table of Contents
      Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide (AASHTO): Summary of Changes (2016 Edition Versus 2012 Edition)
      Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide (AASHTO) 2016 Edition
      Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide (AASHTO) 2012 Edition
      Indirect Cost Rate Audit Requirements:Letter
      Indirect Cost Rate Audit Requirements: Certification
      Indirect Cost Rate Audit Requirements: FAQs
      Submission of Overhead Audits
      Accounting System Requirements
      Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
      Defense Contract Audit Agency
      Consultant Internal Control Questionnaire
      A-133 Audits Submission
      Sponsor Certification Form

      Federal Aid Policy


      Contact Information

      Office of Audits
      Georgia Dept. of Transportation
      600 West Peachtree Street, NW
      Atlanta, GA 30308
      (404) 347-0321

      Project management allows Georgia DOT to deliver projects within the allotted scopes, schedules and budget by efficiently working with multi-functional teams. This is accomplished by utilizing dedicated project managers as the single point of contact throughout the project life (from inception through construction).

      Roles & Responsibilities

      Project Management Resources
      Bid Notices Letting Schedule, Bid Announcements and Reports
      Consultant Evaluation Form
      Design Aids for Consultants
      Local Government Projects
      Project Management Handbook
      Project Tracking Project Search - online mapping 
      Public Involvement Public Outreach Project Information



      For more information about the project management process please contact:

      Office of Program Delivery
      (404) 631-1930 or
      Organizational Chart

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