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2016 Georgia Transportation Summit Update

An overview of construction project and consultant acquisition forecasts.

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Transportation Funding Act​​​​​​

Transportation Funding Act

Provides funding to improve Georgia's most critical transportation infrastructure.

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Alternate Pavement Type Bidding

Immigration & Compliance


Alternate pavement type bidding provides for at least two typical sections to be bid for a project, with the surface of asphalt or concrete. The Contractor will be able to choose which pavement type is best for them from a competition standpoint and the particular project location and aspects. GDOT does have a history of using alternates in certain areas of construction projects, when it has made economic sense.

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Compliance Affidavit

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 13-10-91, all contractors or subcontractors who enter into a contract with GDOT or a contractor of GDOT in connection with the physical performance of services within this state, shall register and participate in the federal work authorization program to verify information of all newly hired employees. Any employee, contractor, or subcontractor of such contractor or subcontractor shall also be required to satisfy these requirements. Upon contracting with a new subcontractor, a contractor or subcontractor shall, as a condition of any contract or subcontract entered into, provide GDOT with notice of the identity of any and all subsequent subcontractors. Such notice shall be provided within five (5) business days of entering into a contract or agreement for hire with any subcontractor. Such notice shall include an affidavit from each subsequent contractor attesting to the subcontractor's name, address, user identification number, and date of authorization to use the federal work authorization program.

Federal Work Authorization Program for E-Verify Number

Immigration Affidavits
Immigration Affidavit: Contractor
Immigration Affidavit: Subcontractor
Immigration Affidavit: Sub-subcontractor

Certification Notice: For a bid/proposal/submittal to be considered, such certification shall be included in the contractor response to all solicitations issued by the Georgia Department of Transportation.