Planned Progress: Addressing Congestion Through Innovative Mobility Investments

A total of 11 new major investment roadway projects will provide new lanes and new capacity and new choices for all motorists. Additional safety and operational improvements will grow Georgia’s economy bigger and faster.

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Transportation Funding Act  (
Your Dollars Building a Better Georgia

In 2015, the Georgia Department of Transportation initiated the Transportation Funding Act, to provide much-needed funding to repair, improve and expand the state’s transportation network through routine and capital improvement projects. Efforts include 11 new megaprojects designed to enhance mobility and safety, fuel economic growth, and improve Georgian’s quality of life through improved travel times and trip reliability.

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       Major Mobility Investment Program (MMIP)

      Georgia DOT is advancing 11 major mobility projects across the state that will yield a significant reduction in congestion along key freight and passenger corridors.

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      Invitation to Bid & Routine Maintenance Plan

      Check out the FY 2020 Invitation to Bid & Routine Maintenance Plan.

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      Governor Deal​​​​​​

      Message from Governor Deal

      "Each day, Georgians set out in pursuit of a brighter future, and it is our roads and bridges that bear the weight of our success. We’ve reached the point where we can no longer keep up with the growing infrastructure demand that encourages job creation, maintains our businesses’ bottom lines and takes us home to our families. This investment…ensures that Georgia’s economic engine will remain running for generations to come.”