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The Safe Routes To School (SRTS) program is part of a national (and international) movement to improve the health and well-being of children in grades K-8—including those with disabilities—by making it safe, convenient and fun to walk or bike to school every day.


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The Safe Routes To School (SRTS) program is designed to fund comprehensive programs that encourage and enable more children to walk and bike to school safely. The funds are intended to start an SRTS program in communities and assist community members in sustaining successful SRTS programs.

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Safe Routes to School is a comprehensive program that includes the 5 Es:


Teaching the school community about the broad range of transportation choices, instructing them in important life-long safety skills and offering school-bound and school area driver safety campaigns


Using events and activities to promote walking and bicycling


Creating operational and physical improvements to the infrastructure surrounding schools that reduce speeds and establishing safer crosswalks, walkways, trails and bikeways


Monitoring and researching outcomes and trends through the collection of data, including the collection of mode share before and after the program intervention(s)


Partnering with local law enforcement to ensure drivers obey traffic laws, initiating community enforcement such as crossing guard programs and ensuring that policies are enforced

  • Improve air quality and the environment – replacing car trips helps reduce fuel consumption, air pollution and asthma.
  • Creates safer routes for walking and bicycling – sidewalks, traffic calming measures and education programs are some ways to increase safety.
  • Enhances the health of kids – increased physical activity can combat obesity and diabetes, and improve learning.
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For additional information on the Safe Routes to School Program, please contact the State SRTS Coordinator by calling (404) 635-2834 or via email.