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Georgia Statewide Transit Plan (SWTRP)
Improving Access and Mobility in 2050 | #iam2050

The purpose of the GDOT Statewide Transit Plan is to coordinate with local governments, MPOs, and transit providers to document a vision for future public transit investment through 2050, outside metro Atlanta. The plan will document the need and demand for public transit in Georgia and the impact public transit service has on communities. GDOT will employ outcome based performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of recommendations and implementation strategies.


Opportunities for involvement will be posted to this site in the future. GDOT will engage a range a stakeholders and interested parties throughout the study process, including but not limited to: transit agencies and operators, county and city governments, regional commissions, metropolitan planning organizations, relevant state & federal agencies, and representatives of educational institutions, employers, and healthcare providers. GDOT will incorporate existing local & regional transit plans into this statewide transit plan.

Study Process

Transit Plan Study Process

Transit Plan


For questions or comments, please contact:

Kaycee Mertz, AICP
Rail & Transit Planning Manager
Division of Intermodal
600 West Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30308