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​Georgia Citizens

The Transportation Funding Act (TFA) provides a much-needed influx of dedicated transportation funding to address Georgia’s critical infrastructure needs. Today and into the future, Georgia DOT putting your dollars to work to is improve our roadways and bridges, and launching innovative mega-projects that will enhance mobility, drive our economic engine, and improve quality of life for all Georgians.


 What Does TFA Mean to You?

Passage of the Transportation Funding Act of 2015 yielded the flexibility and funding to begin addressing major investments in Georgia’s transportation network. A concerted effort was undertaken to identify projects that have established existing needs and ensured meaningful, positive results for all Georgians. Improved infrastructure projects include 11 megaprojects that will build a better Georgia by creating additional capacity, relieving traffic congestion and providing more travel options for motorists.

Additionally, the TFA will allow GDOT to address critical infrastructure needs through routine and capital maintenance projects. Key maintenance and operations activity will include pothole repair, striping, guardrail repair, resurfacing of state routes and Interstates, bridge replacements and maintenance, safety improvement projects and local maintenance and improvement funding.

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       Impact on Transportation Investments

      Capital Maintenance Projects
      Prior & Forecast Funds for Resurfacing Projects

      Transportation Funding Act - GAroads - Capital Maintenance Projects
      The Capital Maintenance Projects chart shows historical trends and a future projection based on projected readiness.

      Routine Maintenance Activities
      Prior & Forecast Funds for Maintenance Projects

      Transportation Funding Act - GAroads - Routine Maintenance Projects
      The Routine Maintenance Activities chart shows historical trends and a future projection based on projected readiness.

      Bridge Projects
      Prior & Forecast Funds for Bridge Projects

      Transportation Funding Act - GAroads - Bridge Projects
      The Bridge Projects chart shows historical trends and a future projection based on projected readiness.

      Building A Better Georgia


      Benefits to Drivers

      As a result of the 11 projects, travel time savings in 2030 (compared to no-build in 2030) include:

      • Over 19,000 hours of delay reduction each day in the GA 400 corridor
      • Over 6,000 hours of delay reduction each day on the top end of I-285
      • Estimated 1,600 hours of time savings each day on I-285 west wall
      • 69% reduction in delay on I-85 from SR 211 to US 129
      • 32% reduction in delay on I-16 from I-516 to I-95
      I-20 Slab Replacement in Richmond County


      Economic Benefits (2030-2040)

      It is projected that the 11 roadway projects across the state will aid in growing Georgia’s economy

      • Estimated $2 billion growth to the Gross State product (GSP) in 2030
      • Approximately 13,000 additional permanent jobs—this analysis includes long-term economic impacts; not short-term construction related jobs and impacts
      • Approximately $1 billion in estimated additional personal income for residents throughout the state
      SR 272 Chip Sealing in Washington County


      Long Term Benefits

      • Statewide, 5% reduction in delay for auto and truck vehicle traffic in 2030 ( Note: this is the benefit in a single year which may be compounded over the life of the projects)
      • An additional 331 new lane miles that include 79 general purpose lane miles; 176 Express lane and 76 truck only lane miles
      • The reduction in delay for trucks delivering goods with increased freight volumes will result in Georgia remaining competitive
      • The decrease in travel delay leads to decreases in transportation costs for residents and businesses, enhancing the state’s long-term economic competitiveness
      SR 272 Chip Sealing in Washington County


      Project Description Expected Reduction in Delay


      Planned Progress: Addressing Congestion Through Innovative Mobility Investments

      A total of 11 new major investment roadway projects will provide new lanes and new capacity and new choices for all motorists. Additional safety and operational improvements will grow Georgia’s economy bigger and faster.

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