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The purpose of this project was to create a document that meets all state requirements for a Statewide Strategic Transportation Plan (SSTP) and all federal requirements for a Statewide Transportation Plan (SWTP) for Georgia. This document for the first time, combines the traditional transportation analyses of a long-range transportation plan (SWTP) with the strategic business case for transportation investment (SSTP). This two year project began in May 2013 and concluded in 2015. The result is a plan that provides a comprehensive look at all transportation issues facing Georgia now and through the year 2040. The document includes growth trends and projections, economics, existing conditions, future needs and an investment strategy for transportation in the state.

 Senate Bill 200 Required Reports

Senate Bill 200 set requirements for three separate reports to be submitted by the GDOT Director of Planning. The reports are the following:

  • A report detailing the progress of projects and programs in the Statewide Strategic Transportation Plan (to be delivered annually)
  • A report detailing the progress of every construction project valued at $10 million or more against the benchmarks. This includes projects open to traffic during calendar year, projects in Active Construction and projects currently under design. (to be delivered annually)
  • A report detailing the amount of money saved due to value engineering studies each calendar year (to be delivered annually)
2040 SWTP/2015 SSTP: Technical Memorandum

Senate Bill 200 (SB 200), as passed during the 2009 legislative session, required the creation of an SSTP, which is to serve as the official, intermodal, comprehensive, fiscally constrained transportation plan which includes projects, programs, and other activities to support implementation of the state’s strategic transportation goals and policies. The SSTP sets the strategic direction and makes the business case for increased transportation investment within the state. The current SSTP has a “horizon year” of 2040. The SSTP is required to be updated every two years.


Federal regulations require states to have a multimodal long-range transportation plan that maintains at least a 20-year window into the future. The current SWTP has a “horizon year” of 2040. The SWTP assesses the current and future performance of all major transportation modes in the state and also examines the linkages between modes. The SWTP also contains statewide economic and transportation demand forecasts for the horizon year of the plan.

The SWTP defines financially constrained and unconstrained statewide transportation programs, estimates the programs’ costs, and forecasts available and potential funding. The SWTP provides GDOT with technical and programmatic guidance needed to the meet the transportation demands of the state.

Current SWTP (2040)
Statewide Transportation Plan

Final Report

Previous SWTP (2035)
Statewide Transportation Plan

SWPT 2035
Final Report


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