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Landscape plans are reviewed for safety, appropriate plant material, and maintenance requirements. Preservation and enhancement using existing and native plant material is a major emphasis. Horizontal clearance minimums and clear sight distances are required.    

GDOT Landscapes​​​​​​

Landscape Requirements

Georgia DOT landscape requirements have established safety standards with aesthetic and environmental considerations on state rights of way.

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Invasive Plants

Georgia DOT reviews proposals for enhancement on the right of way to prevent the addition of invasive plant material. Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council maintains a list of plants with photos that cause environmental harm to the natural ecosystem. For safety reasons, planting large plants in the medians is discouraged.



For more information regarding landscaping on the right-of-way or available grants please contact at landscape@dot.ga.gov or (404) 631-1399.  Correspondence can be sent to:

Georgia Department of Transporation
Office of Maintenance - Landscape Architecture
One Georgia Center
600 W. Peachtree St NW, 10th floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30308