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      Cultural Resources & Preservation​​​​​​

      Cultural Resources & Preservation

      Check out Georgia DOT’s historic preservation efforts along our state highway system.

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      Report Stormwater Pollution​​​​​​

      Report Stormwater Pollution

      Help prevent excessive discharges, dumping, spills, erosion and pollutants from contaminating nearby waterways by reporting stormwater pollution.

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      Roadside Enhancement - Landscapes​​​​​​

      Roadside Enhancement - Landscapes

      Review landscape requirements for establishing aesthetic and environmental preservation on state right-of-way.

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       Other Transportation Programs

      Strategic development helps set the Department's direction, identifies specific initiatives, and facilitates employee teamwork to implement the projects necessary to achieve continuous organizational improvements.

      Strategic Plan

      The Strategic Plan guides the Department’s priorities for the next three to four years. It provides a broad roadmap, outlining where the agency currently stands, what it wants to look like in the future, and what actions it must take to get there.

      This plan is comprised of four goals, each with objectives, strategies, action steps and performance measures. These strategies support the agency’s commitment to the ongoing stewardship of the state transportation system.

      FY 2017 Strategic Plan


      Please submit your comments and questions to Organizational Performance Management at (404) 631-1987.    

      What is Transportation Asset Management?

      Transportation Asset Management (TAM) is a comprehensive, integrated and systematic approach to cost effectively manage Georgia’s physical transportation assets. This is done through the use of strategic goals, performance measures and data.

      Sustaining infrastructure through asset preservation is at the core of TAM. Life cycle management—looking at an asset over its life span and applying preservation treatments—prolongs useful life. This is cost effective in the long run and does not delay routine maintenance, which, over time, may result in complete deterioration and costly asset replacement.

      2014-2018 Plan
      Transportation Asset Management Program Brochure

      Statewide Travel Demand Model

      The Georgia DOT developed a statewide travel demand model to evaluate the impact of major transportation infrastructure and land use investment strategies throughout the state.  The model provides GDOT and its partners the ability to evaluate changes in travel modes and patterns for people and goods, major changes in land use and economic policies, and alternative modes of person travel.

      Fact Sheet
      Development of Statewide Model
      User Guide
      2012 Statewide Model Peer Review Report



      MPO Travel Demand Model

      The Georgia DOT Office of Planning voluntarily develops, maintains, and updates travel demand forecasting (TDF) models on behalf of all urban areas of Georgia except Atlanta and Chattanooga.  TDF models are an integral part of transportation planning.  These models are used by GDOT and Georgia's metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to evaluate the performance of road networks in the state's urban areas. 

      Role of Travel Demand Models

      The models play an important role in supporting the development of the federally required Long Range Transportation Plans (LRTPs).  They are used to forecast the impact and effectiveness of various transportation improvement projects in the  future.  The forecasting process provides detailed information, such as traffic volumes, level of service on the surface transportation network, and other important information to be used by engineers and planners in their designs and decision making process.

      Data Sources & Documents
      Georgia DOT Socio-economic Data Development Guide
      Census Data for Transportation Planning
      U.S. Census/American Community Survey (ACS)
      Census 2010 Tiger/Line Shapefiles
      Georgia Department of Community Affairs
      Georgia Department of Labor
      Georgia 2030 Population Projection (Office of Planning and Budget)

      Georgia DOT performs Value Engineering (VE) Studies on all construction projects with total combined costs of $50 million or more except for any project procured in accordance with code sections 32-2-79, 32-2-80 (private participation), and 32-2-81 (Design-Build).

      Accessing VE Reports and Implementation Letters

      VE Reports and VE Implementation Letters can be viewed by using the following steps:

      1. Access Project Search Application
      2. Select "Projects" Category from Drop Down List.
      3. Enter desired project id in the search text box and click "Go" button or search for projects by selecting the "Search by Rectangle" Too available on the Map Search.
      4. Click Documents button to get all projects documents and use columns filters to find VE Studies documents (if project has a VE study/letter) OR Click icon to go project info page where it displays VE Studies (if project has a VE study/letter) under Project Documents Section.


      If you have any questions or concerns about Value Engineering please contact:

      Matt Sanders
      Value Engineering Specialist
      One Georgia Center - 5th Floor
      600 West Peachtree Street NW
      Atlanta, GA 30308
      Office: (404) 631-1752

      Georgia Ranked No. 1 State For Business For Fourth Consecutive Year

      Georgia has been named the No. 1 state in the nation in which to do business for the fourth consecutive year by Site Selection magazine. Georgia has been ranked among the top 10 states in Site Selection’s business climate rankings throughout the last decade. Read Governor’s Press Release (Gold Button): https://gov.georgia.gov/press-releases/2016-11-02/georgia-ranked-no-1-state-business-fourth-consecutive-year.

      Read Governor’s Press Release

      Investment Report​​​​​​

      2016 Investment Report

      This report serves as a window into Georgia DOT, the 10th largest state transportation department in the nation, with a more than $2 billion annual investment in our state’s transportation network. It highlights our successes; recognizes the dedication of our employees; and demonstrates the commitment we consistently make to improve and maintain our network.

      View Report​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

      Intermodal Programs


      Transportation Funding Act

      InvestSmart: From stewardship of funds to respect for the environment our initiatives are carried out with the goal of giving Georgians a high return on their investment. Innovative investment focuses on savings, along with smart, aggressive approaches to securing funds, as well as distributing grants for local projects.

      View Priority for Funds Policy  





      Urban Systems


      Rural Systems

      Freight Rail

      Freight Rail


      Track Miles




      Publicly Owned Airports




      Ports in Operation


      State of Georgia  

      for Business

      Georgia has been ranked the #1 state for business three years in a row (2013-2015).


      Supported by Georgia's deep water ports and inland barge terminals.

      for Films

      Georgia ranks as the #3 place in the world to make films.

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      Notice Economic Development

      The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) plans, manages and mobilizes state resources to attract new business investment to Georgia, drive the expansion of existing industry and small business, locate new markets for Georgia products, inspire tourists to visit Georgia and promote the state as a top destination for arts events and film, music and digital entertainment projects.