Highway Emergency Response Operators (HERO)

Georgia DOT strives to reduce highway congestion and Highway Emergency Response Operators (HERO) are the key component of our incident management program.

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A HERO Unit is dispatched to traffic-related incidents with a primary duty to clear roads so that normal traffic flow is restored. Secondarily, HERO assists stranded motorists by:

  • Changing flat tires
  • Jump-starting batteries
  • Providing fuel or coolant
  • Pushing vehicles to the shoulder
  • Transporting motorists to safe areas away from traffic
  • Offering use of a cell phone
  • Administering first aid
  • Performing minor mechanical repairs

There is no charge for the HERO service.

  • Relieve congestion and maintain consistent traffic flow at incident locations
  • Reduce response time to traffic-related incidents
  • Patrol 310 miles of metro Atlanta freeways on 31 routes every day during peak hours
  • Respond to incidents on metro Atlanta freeways 24/7
  • Provide support to law enforcement, first-response and other emergency agencies
  • Assist in clearing stalled vehicles from travel lanes
  • Help stranded motorists with minor mechanical problems

Funding for the HERO program has been provided by Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality (CMAQ) Fund under the guidance of the Atlanta Regional Commission's (ARC) Incident Management Taskforce. The Taskforce members include the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), GDOT, traffic reporters, emergency and first-response agencies and the private sector. State Farm is also providing sponsorship contributions to the HERO program.

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