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I-75 South Metro

      The I-75 South Metro Express Lanes are newly constructed reversible toll lanes that run 12 miles along I-75, from State Route 155 (McDonough Road) in Henry County north to State Route 138 (Stockbridge Highway) in Clayton County. These reversible managed toll lanes operate northbound in the morning toward Atlanta and southbound in the evening. The express lanes are designed to improve traffic flow, increase options for motorists and transit and registered vanpool customers, provide reliable trip times, create jobs and bring economic benefits to this region.

      I-75 Express Lanes​​​​​​

      I-75 Express Lanes Now Open

      Motorcycles, electric vehicles and vehicles with no more than two axles or up to six wheels may use the express lanes with a valid Peach Pass or a pre-paid toll account in Florida or North Carolina.

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      Hours of Operation

      Direction Day & Time
      Northbound: Toward Metro Atlanta Weekday: 12:30 AM – 11:00 AM
      Weekend: Open to Northbound travel
      Southbound: South of Metro Atlanta Weekday: 1:00 PM - 10:30 PM

      NOTE: Operational hours are subject to change.

      Lanes will reverse on weekdays (Monday - Friday) at 11:00 AM (switching from northbound to southbound) and 10:30 PM (switching from southbound to northbound). Each reversal is anticipated to take 2 hours. On the weekend, the Express Lanes will run northbound towards Atlanta, unless there is a special event.

      New Mt. Carmel Bridge Opens in Henry County

      May 25, 2016

      The Mt. Carmel Bridge replacement project in McDonough, Georgia has been completed and is now opened to traffic. The project was completed 10-days ahead of schedule and now paves the way for the construction of the I-75 South Metro Express Lanes that will travel under the bridge. The new bridge connects thru-traffic between the Mt. Carmel Road intersection at Jonesboro Road and Mill Road.


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      The traffic and construction update highlights major events and achievements of the I-75 South Metro Express Lanes project. NOTE: Motorists advise to exercise caution when traveling through the project area.

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