Hurricane Season is June 1st to November 30th

Georgia is impacted by tropical systems from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. During a hurricane, wind gusts exceeding 74 mph and torrential rain can cause damage to Georgia’s shoreline.

2022 Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 1-7) is an opportunity to understand the hazards of hurricanes and develop an emergency plan to keep you and your family safe.  Each day this week will focus on specific preparations you can have in place before hurricane season begins on June 1.




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      Travelers can use the following resources to receive free travel information. In the event of an evacuation, message boards will be setup to alert motorists about exit ramp closures/openings as well as locations for gas, food, etc.  Signs will alert the public to selected FM radio stations for weather and traffic updates.  If necessary, Georgia DOT HEROs will patrol the interstates to assist motorists and respond quickly to accidents and disabled vehicles.

       Evacuation Route Map

      Hurricane Preparedness Week
      May 5-11, 2019

      National Hurricane Preparedness Week is a nationwide effort to inform the public about hurricane hazards and to disseminate knowledge which can be used to prepare and take action.

      Hurricane Season Informational Brochure​​​​​​

      Hurricane Safety Brochure

      Learn how to stay safe and be prepared for hurricane season.

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