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Traffic Signals

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 Signal Optimization

Georgia DOT's Traffic Operations works closely with engineers to optimize traffic signals everywhere all across Georgia. We are using the latest technology to monitor your commute in real-time. Here are a few of the programs used to optimize traffic signals.


Regional Traffic Operations Program (RTOP)

This is a multi-jurisdictional signal optimization program with the goal of improving traffic flow and reducing vehicle emissions through improved signal timing on select corridors. RTOP also assists local jurisdictions to quickly find and repair problems.

METRO Area Traffic Signal Optimization Program

This program focuses efforts on signalized corridors across the Metro Atlanta Region. Typical optimizations will study and engineer timing plans to coordinate traffic signals with the way traffic moves.


 Engineering, Technology & Innovation

Coming Soon: Traffic Signal Performance Metrics


 Flashing Yellow Arrows

Georgia DOT is now installing four-section Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) signals across the state. This traffic signal includes a flashing yellow arrow that means drivers can turn left after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians (oncoming traffic still has the green light).



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