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​See & Be Seen
For Pedestrian Safety

      The SEE & BE SEEN pedestrian safety campaign was developed in partnership with PEDS.  We aim to make it safe to walk in Georgia. 



       Know the Facts

      Pedestrian deaths in Georgia are up 40% in two years. People on foot are among the most vulnerable users of the road. In fact, 236 people were killed while walking in Georgia in 2016.


      Fatalities occur during overnight hours


      Fatalities occur outside a crosswalk

      9out of10

      Pedestrians die when struck at 40 mph


       Safety is a SHARED Responsibility

      Georgia DOT is doing its part for pedestrian safety through improved medians, crosswalks and pedestrian signals and added lighting. Drivers and walkers have a shared responsibility to look out for each other and keep pedestrians safe. How?

      See And Be Seen - Key Messages 

       Obey Georgia's Crosswalk Law

      Be sure you know Georgia's crosswalk law when walking or driving along Georgia roads.

      • Drivers must “stop and stay stopped” for pedestrians in a crosswalk, not just yield to them. Forget yield. Remember STOP.
      • At an intersection with a marked or unmarked crosswalk, when a vehicle is stopped to permit a pedestrian to cross, the driver of another vehicle approaching from the rear must not pass the stopped vehicle.
      • Pedestrians must not suddenly leave a place of safety and proceed into the path of a vehicle that is too close for the driver to stop.
      • When crossing a roadway without crosswalk, the pedestrian must yield the right of way to vehicles.
      • For details, view Georgia’s Crosswalk Law - Code 40-6-91