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Safety & Operation

      Teens in the Driver Seat​​​​​​

      Teens in the Driver Seat

      A safety program designed to reduce the frequency of fatal crashes involving teen drivers

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      Strategic Highway Safety Plan​​​​​​

      Strategic Highway Safety Plan

      Georgia's strategic plan for reducing highway crash​es, injuries, and fatalities; and increasing roadway safety.

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      Red light running systems are designed to improve safety and promote compliance at signalized intersections. 

      RLRPES Locations


      RLRPES Request

      Red Light Camera Request

      Crash Data Request

      Crash Data Request

      Guidance for Permitting Red Light Running Photo Enforcement Systems
      Permit Requirements Checklist
      Countermeasures Checklist w/ Clearance Formulas
      Samples: Permit Form | TE Report | Designs | Annual Red Light Camera Report
      Impact of Red Light Camera Enforcement on Crashes NCHRP 310 Sysnthesis 310

      Contact Information

      General Operations Manager
      (404) 635-2802

      The Ramp Meter Program was implemented to alleviate congestion and emphasize motorist safety. Ramp Meters are traffic signal devices located on entrance ramps to the freeway. They regulate the frequency of vehicles entering the flow of traffic on a freeway.  

      The meters work similar to traffic signals with a red and green light. All vehicles must stop when the light is red. Vehicles are only permitted to move onto the freeway when the signal turns green.

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      • Reduced congestion on the freeway
      • Decreased fuel consumption
      • Maintain steadier flow on the interstate
      • Increase freeway speeds
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