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Northwest Corridor
Northwest Corridor Express Lanes

The Northwest Corridor project will improve travel in the I-75/I-575 corridor by adding 29.7 miles of toll lanes along I-75 from Akers Mill Rd to Hickory Grove Road and along I-575 from I-75 to Sixes Road. Two Express lanes will be built to the west of the existing lanes along I-75 between I-285 and I-575. From that interchange, one express lane will be added along I-75 north to Hickory Grove Road and one express lane will be added along I-575 to Sixes Road.   


Weekly Traffic Alert

The update highlights major events of the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes project. NOTE: Construction activity will be occurring in the shoulders off of the general purpose lanes and in the grassed areas along the I-75 and I-285 interchange throughout the next several months.

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    Selection of Private Sector Partner

    On June 23, 2013, the State Board of Transportation (STB) Northwest Express Roadbuilders (NWER) voted to accept the Northwest Express Roadbuilders (NWER) a joint venture of Archer Western and Hubbard Construction as the apparent best value proposer and private sector partner for the Northwest Corridor project.

    The project contract with NWER was executed in November 2013, and design and pre-construction activities are underway. Construction is expected to begin in summer/fall of 2014. The project is anticipated to open to traffic in summer of 2018. Below are links to documents and information related to the Northwest Corridor procurement process.

    RFQ: Northwest Corridor Project

    Evaluation and Selection Process


    Public Meeting Presentations


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    There are several ways the public can stay informed about the Northwest Corridor Project.

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    Mailing Address

    John Hancock, Northwest Corridor Project Manager
    Georgia DOT - One Georgia Center
    600 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30308

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