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​I-285 Top End

Revive 285 is a major Georgia DOT initiative planned to improve mobility along the I-285 Top End in metro Atlanta, one of the most heavily traveled and most congested interstate highways in America. More than 240,000 vehicles travel across this stretch of highway between I-75 and I-85 every weekday.


Quick Facts

  • ​First introduced in 2006
  • Estimated to begin in 2023
  • 13-15 miles of roadway improvements, including Express Lanes, will be constructed
  • Project limits: I-285 Top End from I-75 on the west side to I-85 on the east side
  • Estimated project cost is $4.2 billion


Traffic Alerts​​​​​​

Top Project Facts

  • ​Includes the I-285 top end from I-75 on the west to I-85 on the east
  • Adds 13-15 miles of new Express Lanes on both sides of I-285
  • Contributes to reducing 6,000+ hours of delay each day on the top end of I-285
  • Provides more reliable trip times and free access for transit and vanpools
  • Estimated project cost is $4.2 billion
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There are several ways the public can stay informed about the Revive 285 Top End project.



Mailing Address

Georgia DOT - One Georgia Center
600 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30308

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