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Express Lanes

Georgia Express Lanes are optional toll lanes that run alongside existing interstates in some of the most congested corridors around metro Atlanta. These lanes provide a choice for drivers to pay a toll to bypass congestion when desired, offer a clear path for transit operators and add an alternative to the roads that exist today.  Express Lanes are intended to provide a mobility choice and more reliable travel times in peak periods for motorists and bus patrons.   The result is a network of lanes that provide more reliable and predictable trip times.  All Georgia Express Lanes rely on variable-price tolling to maintain free-flowing travel even during peak travel times. Express lanes are already open on I-85, but more corridors are in development and in different configurations.

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Project Updates

Peach Pass​​​​​​

Peach Pass

Purchase a Peach Pass for use on the I-85 Express Lanes in Gwinnett County or while you’re traveling to Florida or North Carolina.

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Projects Status
I-285 Project Under Consideration

High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes

These lanes are designated for eligible vehicles to use for free, while others can use by paying a variable toll. As demand changes, the toll fluctuates to keep the optimal number of cars flowing at an acceptable speed. Toll cost is posted so motorists can decide whether to use the lane. Electronic toll collection (transponders) eliminates the need for toll plazas, allowing traffic to maintain highway speeds. Vehicles over two axles are prohibited from using both HOV and HOT lanes.   View Express Lane Sign Tutorial

Express Toll Lanes (ETL)

These lanes are similar to HOT lanes, with the main difference being that, in HOT lanes, vehicles that meet prescribed occupancy requirements are granted free access, while in ETLs all vehicles pay according to the toll schedule. 

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