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Hurricane Season is June 1st to November 30th

Georgia is impacted by tropical systems from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. During a hurricane, wind gusts exceeding 74 mph and torrential rain can cause damage to Georgia’s shoreline.

Hurricane Information

Hurricane Season is June 1st to November 30th

Hurricane Safety Info

Georgia is impacted by tropical systems from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. During a hurricane, wind gusts exceeding 74 mph and torrential rain can cause damage to Georgia’s shoreline. The direct hit of a hurricane also can cause a storm surge, a large dome of water more than 50 miles wide that sweeps across the coastline near the area where the eye of a hurricane makes landfall. 

 Announcements & Alerts

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Emergency Declaration

Emergency Declaration

Gov. Nathan Deal has expanded the state of emergency to 108 Georgia counties. The emergency declaration is effective for seven days and makes all state resources available to local governments and entities within the impacted area of the hurricane.

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Georgia DOT Crews Clearing Debris

Georgia DOT deployed Special Response Teams consisting of nearly 1,400 personnel statewide. Crews began clearing impacted roadways once the worst of the storm passed, responding to reports of downed trees and debris in the roadways. A total of 247 routes were closed, blocked or reported to have debris during the peak of the storm. Crews are actively working to clear and reopen any routes that remain closed. Priority routes will be cleared first to ensure the public maintains access to hospitals, trauma centers and other public facilities.

Traffic Signal Outages

An estimated 300 traffic signals operated by Georgia DOT are currently experiencing possible outages. Motorists who must drive today should always treat a flashing red and non-operational signal as a four-way stop. Drivers are advised to stop, look in all directions, and proceed only when safe to do so.

Construction Work Suspended 10/9 -10/12

Georgia DOT has suspended all construction work that negatively effects travel on the interstates and all evacuation routes within the areas listed below. The suspensions begin at 10AM, Tuesday, October 9 and will remain in place until 7PM, Friday, October 12.

  • Georgia DOT District 4 (southwest Georgia) has suspended all construction work.
  • Georgia DOT District 5 (coastal Georgia) will cease all construction work on I-95 and I-16 effective 10/9.


       Stay Connected

      Travelers can use the following resources to receive free travel information. In the event of an evacuation, message boards will be setup to alert motorists about exit ramp closures/openings as well as locations for gas, food, etc.  Signs will alert the public to selected FM radio stations for weather and traffic updates.  If necessary, Georgia DOT HEROs will patrol the interstates to assist motorists and respond quickly to accidents and disabled vehicles.

       Evacuation Route Map

       Safety Information

      Hurricane IRMA Recap



      A list of all the travel alerts and announcements issued during hurricane season.

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       ‭(Hidden)‬ Before the Storm

      Traffic Volumes Increased

      by up to 600% in some areas of the state due to evacuations.

      Lane Closures Suspended

      for interstates and major 4 lane state routes south of I-20. Sidney Lanier and Talmadge bridges were closed to traffic.

      State of Emergency

      was issued by Governor Deal for 30 counties – this was later extended to include all counties.

      I-16 Contraflow

      began at 8 a.m. Saturday morning – was reversed by 4 p.m. same day.

       ‭(Hidden)‬ After the Storm

      By the Numbers
      Total Incidents Reported: 1,495
      Road Closures: 485
      Malfunctioning Signals: 250
      Bridge Inspections

      were performed on 207 bridges by 22 two-person teams – 10 teams dedicated to the six coastal counties.

      HERO & CHAMP Deployed

      20 units between Atlanta and Florida to facilitate flow of traffic. GA511 received 30,000+ calls and the app was downloaded 5,000 times.

      Debris Clearing

      activities were conducted by a team of 1,000 employees. Activities included bridge inspection and downed or broken traffic signals restoration.


      Hurricane Season Informational Brochure​​​​​​

      Hurricane Safety Brochure

      Check out tips and general information to help travelers stay safe and prepared for hurricanes that impact Georgia.

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      Cultural Resources & Preservation​​​​​​

      City & County

      Visit the city and/or county government website in your region for the latest news alerts and contact information.

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      Printable Evacuation Map​​​​​​

      Hurricane Evacuation Route Map

      View the print-friendly version of the State of Georgia hurricane evacuation route map.

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