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Crash, Road & Traffic Data

Georgia DOT provides the latest traffic, road and crash data information on our transportation system.

Road & Traffic Data

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Traffic Counts

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Reports, Guides and Data

The 400 Series Reports are produced every year and are available as PDF files. These reports depict mileage and Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled (DVMT) in several categories for each county in Georgia and for the state. These reports provide a useful way to tabulate roadway mileage for further reporting and analysis.

Note: Report 449 is now retired.

400 Series Reports




For more information about crash data reports, please contact:

E. David Adams, Safety Project Manager
GDOT Crash Reporting Unit
Shackelford Building #24
935 East Confederate Ave
Atlanta, GA 30316
PHONE: (404) 635-2850 | (404) 635-2882
FAX: 404) 635-2960  Fax | (404) 635-2964 Crash Reporting Fax
| (404) 635-2963 FARS Fax: