Number of Fatalities Annually on Georgia’s Roadways​



GDOT considers the safety of the traveling public in every stage of a project and in every investment decision. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has set a national goal of reducing fatalities by 1000 each year. To assist in achieving this national goal, Georgia has a target of reducing fatalities by 41 or more each year. This target is based on Georgia’s roadway types as well as the number of cars and trucks using the roadway system. This measure evaluates GDOT's efforts to reduce fatalities on Georgia's roads.


Strategic Objective

Reduce the number of fatalities by 41 each year.


Road to Improvement

The State did not meet the reduction target of 41.  As of early March 2018, there were 1550 fatalities in CY 2017. However, the final numbers are subject to change due to fatalities’ numbers still being reported and verified.  Unfortunately, this number remains well above the low of CY 2014.

GDOT is continuing its “Drive Alert Arrive Alive” campaign into CY 2018 and has expanded the program with strategic partnerships with local media.  In addition, continued investment through the Highway Safety Improvement Program in both systemic and data driven projects is continuing to help drive this number down.   


Data source: GDOT

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