Northside Drive Corridor

Northside Drive

The Northside Drive corridor within the City of Atlanta has two primary road projects that are currently in the study or construction phases. 


Northside Drive Corridor Improvement Study

Project Phase: Planning/Study

The Georgia DOT is evaluating the State Route 3/Northside Drive corridor from I-20 to I-75 (approximately five miles) for potential improvements for mobility, safety, bicycle and pedestrian use and access/connectivity to local and regional public transportation services. The set of solutions being explored includes intersection improvements and multimodal enhancements along the corridor. The first phase of this project started in September 2014.



Northside Drive Project (I-75 to Northside Pkwy)

Project Phase: Construction (City of Atlanta)

Georgia DOT and the City of Atlanta will begin waterline and roadway safety improvements along Northside Drive/ SR 3/US 41, 2.4 miles from I-75 to just north of the intersection at Northside Parkway.  Project was let in February 2014. Work scheduled to be completed in Winter 2017.

  • The City’s waterline and sewer work to begin first in summer 2014, with scheduled completion in winter 2017.
  • Georgia DOT’s roadway improvements will begin when City work is completed and will last an estimated 2 years, summer 2017.

City contractors will replace the existing 20-inch water main along Northside Drive between I-75 and Northside Parkway with a 36-inch transmission. Contractors will also install distribution mains, fire hydrants and pressure vaults throughout the construction zone. The project is intended to improve water pressure and quality in the City’s northern communities.

  • Conversion of the existing reversible lane into a two-way left turn lane, with exclusive left lanes onto Collier Road.
  • Addition of a right turn lane for northbound Northside Drive turns onto eastbound Collier Road.
  • Conversion of existing reversible lane north of Collier Road into a two-way left turn lane until it connects to the existing four-lane section.
  • Extension of sidewalks to Peachtree Creek.
  • Signal upgrades and reconstruction of ADA-compliant wheel chair ramps at each intersection.

Construction lane closures will take place on weekdays and weekends from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Motorists should avoid this section of Northside Drive during construction hours, as only one lane in each direction will be open.  During construction the existing reversible lane from I-75 to Collier Road will be converted to a southbound through lane.

Please anticipate increased commute times for the duration of the project.

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