I-85 Rebuild

The reconstruction of the I-85 bridge near Piedmont Road is currently underway.  Georgia DOT is committed to replacing and reopening this section of I-85 by May 15, 2017.   .

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      A time-lapse video of the completed construction work along I-85 at Piedmont Road.

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       ‭(Hidden)‬ Know Before You Go

      The removal and replacement of the I-85 bridge will cause increased travel times. Motorists should plan ahead, allow plenty of time, drive alert and keep calm behind the wheel when traveling in the impacted area.

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      Closures & Detours
      I-85 northbound traffic is being diverted to Buford Spring connector for local travel only.
      I-75/I-85 northbound traffic is being diverted to I-75NB. 17th Street is last available northbound exit prior to Brookwood split.
      I-75SB ramp to I-85NB ramp is closed.
      SR 400SB to I-85SB is closed. Traffic diverted to I-85NB.   Sidney Marcus Blvd is last available exit .
      I-85 SB is closed. Traffic diverted to SR 400NB.  Lenox/Cheshire Bridge is last available exit.
      Buford Spring connector southbound is open from Piedmont Road.
      Buford Spring connector northbound is now open from Spring/West Peachtree and Peachtree Street.

      NOTE: Motorists are encouraged to utilize their favorite wayfinding app to help navigate to their destinations