Georgia DOT is committed to providing the best transportation system. As a part of this effort, Georgia DOT conducts numerous road construction and maintenance projects on the state highway system. These projects are a part of our effort to preserve and maintain one of Georgia’s best investments: our roads.


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      Cultural Resources & Preservation​​​​​​

      Cultural Resources & Preservation

      Check out Georgia DOT’s historic preservation efforts along our state highway system.

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      Report Stormwater Pollution​​​​​​

      Report Stormwater Pollution

      Help prevent excessive discharges, dumping, spills, erosion and pollutants from contaminating nearby waterways by reporting stormwater pollution.

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      Roadside Enhancement - Landscapes​​​​​​

      Roadside Enhancement - Landscapes

      Review landscape requirements for establishing aesthetic and environmental preservation on state right-of-way.

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      BuildSmart: Planning and constructing the best mobility-focused projects and transportation systems through innovative engineering and design. By building smart, we help the traveling public move safely and conveniently.

       ‭(Hidden)‬ Quick Response Projects

      Project NumberYearCountyCorridorDescription
      S0144682015CrispSR 30/Hwy 280

      ​Right Turn Lane on SR 30/Hwy 280 @ Cannon Road

      S0144582015FloydSR 101

      ​Left Turn Lane Northbound on SR 101 @ Spur 101 / Jack Street

      S0144692015ForsythSR 9

      ​Right turn lane on SR 9 @ Francis Road

      S0144672015FultonSR 400

      ​Flex lane on SR 400 NB from Abernathy Road to the North Springs MARTA Ramp

      S0144762015Fulton​SR 400

      ​SR 400 SB @ Holcomb Bridge Road Off-Ramp.

      S0144952015FultonSR 70

      ​Improvements on SR 70 (Fulton Industrial Blvd) at the Eastbound and Westbound I-20 off ramps.

      S0144962015Fulton​Buffington Road @ SR 14

      ​Buffington Road @ SR 14 SP Interchange Improvements. Widen existing ramp from a single lane to two 14 foot lanes, restripe, new signs and guardrail as needed.


      ​Striping and flex tube delineator barrier on I-85 SB @ SR 316

      S0144442015MurraySR 225

      ​Right turn lane on SR 225 to Spring Place Smyrna Road

      S0144622015OconeeSR 10/ US 78

      ​Intersection Improvement at SR 10 / US 78 @ SR 316 Off Ramp

      S0144152015Peach/Fort ValleySR 7

      ​Left Turn Lane on SR 7 @ SR 96