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Downtown Connector Study

Georgia DOT is initiating a study of Atlanta’s Downtown Connector. The Downtown Connector, defined as the common section of I-75/85, is the primary north-south route through the Atlanta Central Business District. The Downtown Connector currently carries in excess of 300,000 vehicles per day and provides critical access into the central city.

In addition to experiencing congestion during the AM and PM peak travel periods, the Downtown Connector experiences high levels of congestion outside of the peak periods, as visitors to the City of Atlanta attend various special events.


In recognition of the key importance of the Downtown Connector to the City of Atlanta, the Metro Atlanta region, and the entire State of Georgia, the Department is undertaking an evaluation to explore a wide range of possible options for reducing congestion and improving operations on the Connector.

While the main focus is on identifying practical, financially feasible solutions with demonstrated effectiveness and widespread stakeholder support, the study also aims to evaluate a wider array of ideas, ranging from small-scale operational improvements to very large-scale ideas.

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    The study will have 3 main phases.  Phases 1 and 2 will take place in the 2016-2018 timeframe, while phase 3 may add a year or more to the study. 

    Phase 1
    Identification of Issues
    Analyze existing and forecast future conditions to determine the nature, extent, and causes of congestion on the Downtown Connector
    Phase 2
    Identification of Possible Solutions
    Identify a range of possible solutions to address issues identified in phase 1. Determine costs and benefits of each possible solution
    Phase 3
    Engineering Analysis of Possible Solutions
    If warranted by findings from Phase 2: Conduct further engineering analysis for some or all solutions identified in phase 2 to determine which options (if any) are the most practicable


     ​Study Area

    The primary focus will be on the Downtown Connector where I-75 and I-85 converge, but the complete study area will include the approaches to the Connector along I-75, I-85, and I-20 inside I-285; I-285 (east and west walls); and all interchange ramps, cross streets, and potential parallel routes in Metro Atlanta, as the study may identify.



    This study will require extensive outreach for stakeholder involvement from a wide range of stakeholders associated with the Downtown Connector.



    Megan Weiss, AICP
    Transportation Planner II
    Georgia Department of Transportation
    Office of Planning-5th Floor