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State Route 400 Widening

This $47 million Design-Build project will widen State Route 400 in Forsyth County from McFarland Parkway Interchange to State Route 369/Browns Bridge Road. The project involves constructing one lane in the existing inside median both northbound and southbound from McFarland Parkway to State Route 369. The project also includes bridge widening over Big Creek and the Sawnee Creek portion of Lake Lanier.

Project Status: Construction (Early Stages)

Tentative Planned Work Schedule by Segments

McFarland Pkwy to SR 141 NB

SR 141 to Bald Ridge Marina Exit NB

All of NB complete including shoulder work

McFarland Pkwy to SR20 SB

All of SB complete including shoulder work

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    Project Benefits

    Optimize Traffic Flow

    Increase Operational Efficiency

    Reduce Congestion & Delays