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Rome-Cartersville Development Corridor 

Project Overview

The purpose of the Rome-Cartersville Development Corridor (RCDC) is to connect US 411 and I-75, providing improved mobility for commuters, residents, and freight movement throughout Floyd and Bartow Counties. The RCDC would relieve congestion along the existing US 411/SR 20 to I-75 corridor. Transportation needs have been identified for the new RCDC, including:

  • The need for improved access and connectivity to support economic development: Enhance access to existing and future development.
  • The need for an improved truck route: Accommodate growing freight traffic and relieve existing truck congestion on other roadways.
  • The need to provide better local access: Increase mobility and connectivity in the corridor and surrounding areas.
  • The need for an improved connection to I-75: Support existing industry and planned growth in Floyd and Bartow Counties.

These needs were compiled in cooperation with local stakeholders from Bartow and Floyd Counties.

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Environmental Documentation

When proposing a transportation project with Federal funding, environmental studies must be completed within the project’s area of potential effect to meet the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). These studies document the potential impacts that a project may have on the natural, social, cultural, and economic environments of an area.

For the RCDC, NEPA studies are proposed as an Environmental Assessment and anticipated Finding of No Significant Impact (EA/FONSI).

Environmental Documentation

Preliminary Fieldwork

The preliminary fieldwork for wetlands, streams and threatened and endangered species is currently underway. These studies will help the project team determine the best alternative that can effectively meet the shortest schedule possible, while protecting valuable resources.

Public Involvement

The success of the Rome-Cartersville Development Corridor’s environmental documents depends on full disclosure to the public and open decision-making on the part of the federal agencies involved.

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Citizens Advisory Committee

In addition to ongoing public involvement, the RCDC also includes a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) made up of a group of local stakeholders with a diverse set of perspectives on the project. The group was chosen to represent the local business, landowner, government, agriculture, minority, and environmental sectors and identify project needs for the community.

CAC Purpose



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