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​​I-16/I-75 Interchange

The I-16/I-75 Interchange reconstruction project will improve the safety of the corridor by widening and reconstructing I-75 from Hardeman Avenue to Pierce Avenue and I-16 from I-75 to Walnut Creek within the City of Macon. The project will improve each of the interstate highways by constructing wider shoulders, concrete barriers and, in most locations, additional lanes. A Collector/ Distributor (CD) road system will be constructed parallel to both I-16 and I-75. Modifications will be made to bridges and surface streets within the project area, to accommodate the additional lanes and CD roads along I-16 and I-75. These improvements will provide opportunities for turning movements, as well as create additional storage for these turning movements.



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  • Improve safety and efficiency for commuters and commerce/trucks
  • Reduce congestion
  • Better access to and from the downtown Macon area
  • Improve sight distances
  • Separation of through traffic from the local traffic
  • Reduce crashes (Due to interchange improvements)
  • Upgrades and improvements to 11 bridges
Pleasant Hill​​​​​​

Pleasant Hill Mitigation

Georgia DOT worked with the Pleasant Hill community to ensure their rich history and cultural integrity were preserved during the relocation and rehabilitation of historical homes.

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Project Highlights

  • Project represents a $500 million investment in the city, region and state’s transportation system.
  • Georgia DOT worked with the Macon Bibb Community Enhancement Authority in the relocation and rehabilitation of homes in the Pleasant Hill neighborhood
  • The relocation of the Little Richard/Penniman House
  • Cultural resource work completed on the mitigation project includes 60 interviews
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Project Phases

Due to the magnitude of the work needed to complete the reconstruction of the I-16/I-75 interchanges, the project has been divided into the following phases.

Environmental Assessment



Learn how Georgia DOT thoroughly analyzed the project area to identify potential impacts to the social, cultural or natural environment.

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 Legacy of Pleasant Hill Docuseries

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        Your input is important. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments concerning the I-16/I-75 Interchange Project.

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