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Courtland Street Accelerated Bridge Construction Project

This $25 million Design-Build project will reconstruct the 110-year old Courtland Street Bridge from Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive to Gilmer Street. The Courtland Street Bridge is located in the City of Atlanta, in close proximity to the Georgia State Capitol building, and serves as a major thoroughfare through the downtown campus of Georgia State University (GSU).

 Informational Meetings

The Courtland Street Bridge will be closed from Gilmer Street to Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in just a few weeks. Georgia DOT will hold the last two informational meetings to give stakeholders a chance to learn more about the project, closure and resulting detours:

4/30/20184PM - 6PM

Loudermilk Conference Center (Lobby)
40 Courtland Street, NE
Atlanta 30303

5/3/20182PM - 3PM

​This is a virtual informational meeting.
The URL address for this upcoming meeting will be posted at a later data.

 Informational Videos

       ‭(Hidden)‬ Construction Updates

      February 2018

      • Foundation work continues through the month of March under Collins Street at Georgia State University
      • Bridge columns and caps will be poured under the the south end of the Bridge near the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot
      • There will be limited access to GSU parking decks from south Collins Street
      • By the end of March, ALL access to Collins Street will be closed


      The Courtland Street Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Project will replace all 28 spans of the Courtland Street Bridge over the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) rail lines, CSX rail lines, and Decatur Street. The bridge replacement will occur on the location of the existing bridge and both vehicular traffic and pedestrian activity will be routed to offsite detours during demolition and construction. The project limits extend on Courtland Street from Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to Gilmer Street. There will be two detour options for motorists, one will include a specific detour for buses. Additionally, signed detours will safely guide pedestrians through the project area.

      Courtland Street Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) project​​​​​​

      Fact Sheet

      An overview of the Courtland Street Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) project.

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      There are several ways to stay informed about the Courtland Street Bridge Accelerated Construction Project.

      Project Email & Phone
      (678) 809-8219 (Voicemail)

      Project Manager
      Richard O’Hara
      Georgia DOT
      (404) 631-1169

      Jill Goldberg

       ‭(Hidden)‬ Benefits


      The reconstructed bridge will be better suited to safely conduct increased traffic volumes and heavier vehicles.


      The new bridge will include a 12-foot lane so busses can better accommodate the on- and off-loading of passengers, and expanded sidewalks for pedestrian traffic.

      Accelerated Schedule

      Through Design-Build innovation, GDOT has reduced the duration of the required road closure from 2 years, to 180 days to reduce impacts to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

      Teens in the Driver Seat

      Quick Facts


      The cost to construct the bridge is approximately $25 million from federal, state, and local sources.

      Design & Construction Method

      The project will be built using some Design-Build Accelerated Bridge Construction methods.

      Design Build Project Partner

      The team of CW Matthews and Michael Baker International will design and build the bridge.

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