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      Cultural Resources & Preservation

      Check out Georgia DOT’s historic preservation efforts along our state highway system.

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      Report Stormwater Pollution

      Help prevent excessive discharges, dumping, spills, erosion and pollutants from contaminating nearby waterways by reporting stormwater pollution.

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      Roadside Enhancement - Landscapes

      Review landscape requirements for establishing aesthetic and environmental preservation on state right-of-way.

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      BuildSmart: Planning and constructing the best mobility-focused projects and transportation systems through innovative engineering and design. By building smart, we help the traveling public move safely and conveniently.


      Deal Announces Partnership with South Carolina to Replace I-20 Bridges

      July 13, 2016

      Governor Nathan Deal has announced a partnership with South Carolina to replace existing I-20 bridges over the Savannah River and the Augusta Canal and add lanes on I-20 to Exit 1 in South Carolina. The $75 million project will enhance safety and operations on both sides of the Savannah River.

      The proposed replacement bridges will each provide three travel lanes in each direction, as well as a refuge area for vehicles. I-20 will be widened from four to six lanes from River Watch Parkway (Exit 200) in Georgia to West Martintown Road (Exit 1) in South Carolina.

      Georgia DOT and the South Carolina DOT will pay a proportional share of preliminary engineering and construction costs. The project is slated to be put out to bid in fall 2018

      View Press Release

       ‭(Hidden)‬ Quick Response Projects

      Project NumberYearCountyCorridorDescription
      S0144682015CrispSR 30/Hwy 280

      ​Right Turn Lane on SR 30/Hwy 280 @ Cannon Road

      S0144582015FloydSR 101

      ​Left Turn Lane Northbound on SR 101 @ Spur 101 / Jack Street

      S0144692015ForsythSR 9

      ​Right turn lane on SR 9 @ Francis Road

      S0144672015FultonSR 400

      ​Flex lane on SR 400 NB from Abernathy Road to the North Springs MARTA Ramp

      S0144762015Fulton​SR 400

      ​SR 400 SB @ Holcomb Bridge Road Off-Ramp.

      S0144952015FultonSR 70

      ​Improvements on SR 70 (Fulton Industrial Blvd) at the Eastbound and Westbound I-20 off ramps.

      S0144962015Fulton​Buffington Road @ SR 14

      ​Buffington Road @ SR 14 SP Interchange Improvements. Widen existing ramp from a single lane to two 14 foot lanes, restripe, new signs and guardrail as needed.


      ​Striping and flex tube delineator barrier on I-85 SB @ SR 316

      S0144442015MurraySR 225

      ​Right turn lane on SR 225 to Spring Place Smyrna Road

      S0144622015OconeeSR 10/ US 78

      ​Intersection Improvement at SR 10 / US 78 @ SR 316 Off Ramp

      S0144152015Peach/Fort ValleySR 7

      ​Left Turn Lane on SR 7 @ SR 96