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​Board Minutes & Presentations

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May 2017 Letting Report4/20/2017Board Minutes
April 2017 Georgia DOT District Update4/20/2017Board Minutes
April 2017 Legislative Update4/20/2017Board Minutes
FY 2018 Budget Update4/20/2017Board Minutes
Major Mobility Investment Program & P3 Update4/20/2017Board Minutes
Equal Access Update3/16/2017Board Presentations
FY 2018 Budget Recommendations3/16/2017Board Presentations
Legislative Update3/16/2017Board Presentations
Strategic Communications3/16/2017Board Presentations
TIA Update3/16/2017Board Presentations
Public Transit Planning Activities Update3/16/2017Board Presentations
April 2017 Letting3/16/2017Board Presentations
Board Policy Overview3/16/2017Board Presentations
Amended FY2017 & FY2018 Governor's Budget Recommendation2/16/2017Board Presentations
Board Policy Overview2/16/2017Board Presentations

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